What God's Will And Your Faith Can Achieve

Luke 5

There are two healing miracles cited in this chapter. The first one is the healing of the leper and the second the healing of the paralyzed man. Together, they reveal the two cornerstones of healing and miracles. 

1. The will of God - the leper told Jesus, "if you are willing, you can make me clean". He recognized that the will of God was paramount in gaining the healing that he desired. Note Jesus' response to him. He says, " I am willing, be clean".
2. Faith in God's healing power - the paralyzed man and his friends demonstrated great faith in Christ's healing power. This moved Christ and He healed the paralyzed man. 

As humans, we all need healing in our lives. When we go to His door to ask for healing, let us seek His will for our lives and then go and ask Him for healing with the faith that he can. 


Lord Jesus, help us to discern your will for us and to claim healing in all areas of our lives through faith, amen.

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