What Do You Boast About?

Romans 5:1-11

In the previous chapter, Paul reminds us that we have nothing to boast about ourselves, not in our keeping the law diligently and certainly not in our circumcision. In this passage, he highlights what it is that we could actually boast about: we can boast in the hope of the glory of our God.

What does that mean really? When we talk of faith and hope, they are often meant to address immediate concerns in our earthly lives. We try to show faith in God's ability to deliver us from some form of suffering, and we remain hopeful that he will do so. To an extent, our hope extends beyond the earthly realm and into the eternal life we are promised through Christ.

But Paul tells us here that our hope is in the glory of God. It is not for something we stand to gain through our faith in him, it is for seeing him in all his glory! This reminds me once again of just how self centered I am, in focusing on what I gain through my relationship with God, instead of focusing on how and when I can see him face to face in all his glory. Hallelujah! What an awe inspiring thought! Am I ready to stand face to face and rejoice in the presence and glory of my God? Is that the driving force in my earthly life? 


Lord Jesus, I thank you for your grace and mercy that you died for a sinner like me. Thank you for reconciling me to God through your precious blood, amen.

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