Those Whom God Has Called

Romans 9

This passage details the agony in Paul's heart over the Israelites. They were the ones who were given the promise, the laws, the temple of God and the privilege to worship him, but as Isaiah prophesied, though they be as numerous as the sands by the sea, only a remnant would be saved (read verses 4,5 and 27). 

On the face of it, it may appear as injustice, the choosing of Issac over Ishmael, and Jacob over Esau, but Paul reminds us that it was all part of God's will that his glory may be revealed. Let's look at verse 16 very closely. "It does not depend on human desire or effort, but God's mercy". Wow. That is pretty significant. It means that there are hearts out there that are hardened by God's will, and others that are softened to be receptive to the good news. 

Those of us who have heard it and believed in this good news: and not merely because we go to a church, worship God, participate in the Holy Communion, give alms to the poor, contribute to the church -- because these are things that the Israelites did as part of their attempts to gain righteousness through works; these are the people whom God has called. God has called unto him his believers and God has instructed his believers to go out and make more believers from the whole world, to sow the seeds of his good news, to testify of his glory and mercy to the receptive hearts that he has prepared! 

The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. If his believers do not heed the commission of evangelism, how can the word of God reach the hearts that have been prepared? May we make it our mission in life to respond to his call and take his word out to the world, in whatever ways we can. 


Lord God, thank you for your mercy upon me. Help me and enable me to respond to your call to ministry with an obedient heart, amen.

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