The Woman Who Was Saved From Stoning

John 8:1-12

Whilst this is not an instance where Jesus performed an overt miracle, it nevertheless demonstrates his power to change a hopeless situation into a hopeful one, and his gift of forgiveness. Jesus saved a woman from certain death and gave her a chance to repent for her sins. We can be quite certain that she would have done exactly that. But what about the Pharisees? These teachers and keepers of the law were such hypocrites. 

Sadly, in many ways they remind me of us, the modern church. We have so many little laws to follow that we start thinking we are virtuous because we follow them. We look down upon those who do not conform to these laws or commit the "big sins". 

The Pharisees had caught her in the very act of adultery. It was certainly a sin. But Jesus did not condemn her, not even after her accusers had left. That, is the grace of God.
That is the grace he expects us to show to those who have sinned against us. If there are two things that we could learn just by reflecting on Jesus' life on earth and his teachings, they are these:
1. The importance of love. He loved everyone and taught everyone the importance of love.
2. His abhorrence of hypocrisy. If there is one thing Christ disliked, that was the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law. 

May we learn from both and pray for grace to be able to live the lives that are pleasing to God.  

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