The Power of Prayer

James 5:13-20 

In this final passage from the book of James, we are reminded of the power of prayer. When do we pray? Do we pray to fulfill a routine, something that our parents taught us to do as children, because it is the done thing, because what will God think/wont he be angry if I don't pray? 

In this passage we are told to pray when we are in trouble. What is trouble? Pray when I don't have enough money to meet my expenses, pray when my car is broken, pray when the burdens of life get too much for me to process. Pray also when the rice is overcooked and the hungry children are clamouring for food, when my sandals tear on my way to work or an interview, when at work my code fails to produce the magic I expected it to. In short, no trouble is too small or trivial to not take to God. God expects us to do our best in every sphere of life that he has placed us in, so if we have trouble in any of it and find ourselves helpless, sure, let's pray for it and over it. 

Sing songs of praise when we are happy. Singing songs of praise is also a form of praying. How often do we sing for joy, because we are troubled or just because we feel like singing to the Lord? My mum had a song for all seasons! My childhood home was filled with her singing, hymns and choruses that reflected her mood then. 

Praying for the sick - I wonder if we do this in our churches at all, unless someone is really sick and on the deathbed. Do we in faith call upon our church elders to come and pray for us, to anoint us with oil, believing that we will be healed of whatever affliction we have, the moment we feel ?
James reminds us of the power of the prayer of a righteous person, when he cites the example of Elijah and his prayers. Who is righteous? None but God. So how can we become powerful in our prayer lives because we aren't righteous? We can become righteous through our faith in God, in Jesus Christ. That is how we can become powerful prayer warriors! 


Lord Jesus, thank you for your word that teaches me all that there is to know about living victoriously in you and for you. Help me and teach me how to pray, amen.  

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