The Parable of the Ten Virgins

Matthew 25:1-13

I have read this passage as a young child, thought i understood it, and then i read it again today and realized i hadn't really understood it back then. All of Jesus' parables are kind of like layered cakes. There is an outer layer to a parable, an apparent meaning behind the story, but the inner layer is what He is trying to draw our attention to. 

This parable here is with reference to the second coming of the Son of God. All of His believers await this glorious event, but how many of us are truly prepared to join Him in eternity? When the trumpet blows and the roll is called out, will we find ourselves short of the glory of God because we aren't saved by His precious blood? Will we have spent our whole lives believing ourselves to be saved because of one life changing encounter with God, but failed to sustain our faith over the years through renewing our spirits in the Lord? 

God calls us to see Him and to know Him. As the parent of young children, i know the thrill and the joy it gives me when I see them master something. The point at which I know I don't need to supervise their efforts or aid them in that area anymore because they have now become adept at it. God seeks us (we think it is us seeking God, but He chooses to reveal Himself to us) and moulds us and shapes us to the point where He feels confident enough to let us go out and work for His kingdom. How it must grieve Him then when we regress in our spiritual lives to the point of not seeking Him ardently, worshiping Him for who He is, and acknowledging and thanking Him for the gift of salvation?  


Jesus Christ, help me to be prepared to meet you when you come again in glory; help me so I may not fall short of your glory because of my lack of sustained Christian living and witnessing, amen.  

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