The New Creation

Galatians 6:11-18

What would you do if someone were bullying you because of something you believed in? Would you try and become more like them or would you stick to your stand? Paul is winding up his letter to the Galatians in this passage. He alludes to the large letters because he has written the letter himself. In the modern context, caps all is equivalent to shouting. The correlation between caps all and Paul's large handwriting is not lost on me. Paul did want to shout at the Galatians. They who were in the faith but were now reverting to living by the law. Apparently, they were being doctrined to revert to circumcision. What a waste of Paul's efforts! No wonder he was so chagrined. 

In verse 13 he clearly calls out the hypocrisy of these false teachers. They didn't really follow the commandments but they wanted to boast in their inheritance of God's promise by virtue of circumcision. Those who followed them did so because they feared persecution. In short, everyone of them was led by the flesh. 

Have a look at verse 15, especially the last bit: "what counts is the new creation". What is this new creation? It is the transformation that occurs in a believer, when she is born again in Jesus Christ. Let us remember that the Galatians were a community of believers who were led by the Spirit originally and had seen great works being performed amidst them. They had been new creations once but at the time of Paul's writing this letter, they had strayed back to living by the flesh. It is possible to experience God's grace and then become wayward. May we always be mindful of this and remain alert and sober.  

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