The Farmer Who Sowed Seeds

Mark 4:1-20

Today I read this parable with my older son and tried to explain things to him. The parable itself was simple, and he was very enthusiastic about trying to compare the different types of seeds to different types of people. However, the bit after the parable where Jesus explains to his disciples the reason behind speaking in parables, was a bit trickier to explain. 

Why would you try to give more to someone who already has plenty? Why would you try to take away from someone who has very little to begin with? The context is important. Jesus was talking about knowledge of the mysteries of God's kingdom. It is this knowledge that will either be bestowed in abundance on those who already have plenty of it, or taken away from those who have very little of it. The abundance in this context is not of wealth or good health or fame or any such worldly parameter. 

So, why is the knowledge of God's kingdom reserved for people who already have plenty of it? Why the partiality? We need to think of why there is a divide among people in terms of how much or how little they know, to understand this. Those who know more, have spent more effort in gathering that knowledge. They have prayed and meditated and listened and so they understand. Those who know very little in contrary, have not done any of this. Think of organic chemistry in years 11 and 12; the more we spent time studying it, the more we retained it in our brains, the lesser we spent time studying it, the faster it drained out of our brains! It is the dedication, the desire and yearning for knowledge and wisdom, that leads to an abundance in them.  


Lord Jesus, fill me with knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the mysteries of God's divine kingdom, and help me to bear much fruit for you and your kingdom, amen.  

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