The Blind Man Sees

John 9:1-12

In this passage we read of a man who was born blind and healed by Jesus. We do not get any obvious evidence of his faith in Jesus in action for him to have received healing, other than the act of following Jesus' instruction of washing his eyes in Siloam. Rather, we come across another factor at play when it comes to Godly miracles - the manifestation of God's power/God's power at work for the world to see.

He performed many of these signs during his time on earth - feeding the four thousand and five thousand in separate instances are examples of when he performed a miracle that revealed God's works for everyone to see.

Jesus says that we must work while it is still day, for God's works to be seen. We are his appointed ministers in this world now. It is our duty to go out and work for His kingdom so that His works may be seen by all. There are so many who are hurting and lonely and in despair; we could reach out to them in love and have them experience God's love through us. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. May we be inspired today and everyday, to minister to God's people in love and bring him the glory and honour through our thoughts, words and deeds. 

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