The Big Welcome At Gerasenes

Luke 8:40-56

Today's passage begins with Jesus' return from Gerasenes. We see how the people welcomed him because they were expecting him. We go on to read about the woman with bleeding who was healed, and the raising from dead of Jairus' daughter. But verse 40 struck me the most. Why do you think the people were expecting Jesus and waiting for his return? I think the miracles that he performed in their midst may have played a big role. I think also, that his teachings and his message of God's love which were different from the rigid and oppressive teachings of the Jewish elders would have played a role. 

Jesus was made to feel welcome, by this large crowd of people.
If he were to come down to earth today, would we welcome him with the same ardor? Are we waiting eagerly for him? Are we expecting his return, and are we living every moment in anticipation of his return, ready to welcome him? 


Lord Jesus, help me to be ready to welcome you when you come again in glory, every moment of my life, amen.  

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