The Best Prayed Plans

James 4:13-17

This is a very short passage, almost like a short cut in daily Bible reading. But, there is a world of meaning hidden within this short passage. It reflects on the futility of making worldly plans with no thought for God's will. The more we draw closer to him, the more we realize how weak and helpless we are, how utterly unable to control our lives or what will happen to us. Each of our lives is an example of how we have no control on anything in our lives (although many people think they do). We pray before momentous occasions, asking for God's presence and control over such events and occasionally, but leave the everyday stuff out of it. 

Do you pray before you start work each day, read a book, write something, stitch something, drive the car, cook a meal, take a bath, etc? Do you think it's a bit ridiculous to do so? Well, anything and everything could go wrong while doing anyone of these and many more things. Similarly, during the course of doing any of these you could be led to claiming great victories for God. So whilst you may think that God is too important to be bothered with such trivial prayer requests, do remember that we need his grace to be able to complete just about any task. 

The moot point is, we cannot boast in our own ability to bring a change in our future. For, we have no control over any of it. We must give it all to God, know that he is control despite the complications that present themselves in our lives, and seek his blessings and grace to lead victorious lives in and for him. We must kill ourselves and our belief in our own abilities, turning to him for guidance and grace to live every moment of our lives.  


Lord Jesus, I thank you for yet another day in my life. Help me to live this day in you and for you, turning towards you for counsel at each step, amen. 

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