More on the Law and Faith

Galatians 4:21-31 

The example of Sarah and Hagar, the free woman and the slave woman and their offspring, is cited in this passage to highlight the difference between living as slaves under the law and living freely by grace. 

Once again it is very important for us to recognize the following :
1. Christ did not come to abolish the law. None of this means that the law is now null and void. Infact, Christ came to establish an even stricter law where harbouring hatred in one's heart is equal to murder.
2. It is impossible for humans to live up to the strict tenets of the law by our own effort. When we receive Christ into our hearts we are clothed with him and it is he who lives in us thereafter. Christ is perfection and there is no sin in him. Therefore, as new creations in Christ, believers can fulfil the law by God's grace.
3. The law is a yardstick for us to measure whether we are truly in faith or not. If we find ourselves sinning constantly it is time for us to introspect and reconcile with God.
4. The inheritance is promised only to those of faith, not to those who try and fulfil the law by their own efforts. To the unbelievers this may seem unfair. Indeed many of them ridicule our faith in a God who does not heed good deeds done out of love but without faith. Look at verse 29: it tells us that this behaviour is to be expected of the faithless.  


Let us pray to our Father in heaven to help us to stay faithful always, amen.  

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