How Living by Law Differs from Living by Faith

Galatians 5:13-26

As a child I lived under a rigid set of rules. "Thou shalt not watch movies. ""Thou shalt not read books with mature/adult content.""Thou shalt not wear inappropriate clothes." And so on and so forth. My well meaning parents who had received the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and realized the extent of sinfulness in their lives and more importantly the source of such sins, made rules for us to live by. It was super easy for them to give up on the movies and the books because they had experienced God's redeeming love and grace and were led by the Spirit, but what about us? I thought it was terribly unfair that i had to look and sound like a dork among my contemporaries because of all the rules! 

That's the difference between living under the law and living in faith. Paul explains the difference between living by the Spirit and living by the flesh. Those who don't have the faith that Jesus Christ is Lord and can redeem us of our sinfulness, don't have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. They are given to the desires of the flesh. Paul lists a series of such sinful deeds in verses 19, 20 and 21. If we find ourselves gravitating towards these and similar acts, if we find it an uphill battle to control the desires of our flesh and live a life pleasing to God, it's time we asked ourselves about our faith and where we stand with God. 

There are things i used to love to do which i no longer care about. I didn't have to work hard to give up on them, it just happened. There are other things that still allure me. I pray to God that he will let me give them up just as easily and help me walk by the Spirit.  


May we all be led by the Spirit today and everyday, amen.  

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