Gospel Followers

Galatians 1:1-10

Paul was an apostle who was handpicked by Jesus Christ after his resurrection. In short, he is a role model for every Christian believer who wants to work for God and his kingdom. If we feel the calling of Christ to spread his gospel, all we need to do is follow the example of Paul. Paul didn't doubt his calling for even a moment. He was full of faith despite the many persecutions he faced. He was passionate about the mission that Christ had entrusted him with. He employed various strategies to get his message across to obstinate believers in the churches he established and ministered to. He coaxed them, he encouraged them and many a times he was very stern in his letters to them. All of this reveals the passion of the man who was desperate to win many souls for Christ. 

In this passage he agonizes over the Galatians who have strayed from the right path to follow an alternate gospel, a falsehood. Are we safe from such false gospels in this day and age? How can we be sure? Well first off, we need to know the gospel. We need to know everything that has been documented in the gospels, to know the gospel of Christ. 

Let us consider the Lord's prayer for example. Jesus taught us how to pray. More importantly he taught us whom to pray to : "Our Father in Heaven". Are we praying to someone else, an earthly saint for example? Is that aligned to Christ's gospel and his teaching? It is easy for each one of us to sway ever so slightly onto a wrong path. The wrong path is not necessarily one full of worldly temptations, sexual immorality, drugs, alcohol and corruption. It could be a false doctrine, a false gospel, that seems steeped in spirituality. It may be a practice that has many followers, many of whom are "good Christians". In other words, we may be embroiled in a false gospel such as the one Paul alludes to, right this moment. Or, we may know someone who is, but we are unsure of how to lead them back. 

Let's be reminded of verse 10. We are not in this journey to please humans. We are here to please God. He called us for working for his kingdom. Let us begin uprooting the false gospels one by one. Let's reinforce the gospel truths one at a time. Today let's focus on our prayer lives. Let us ensure that all our prayers are to our Father in Heaven through his Son Jesus Christ and/or the Holy Spirit who prays for us when we are too weak or overwhelmed to do so. Let us not introduce any other mediator in our prayers.  


Lord God, thank you for revealing to us each day what you would like us to do, through your word, amen.   

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