God's Promise to Abraham

Hebrews 6:13-20

A friend once told me that she finds it hard to believe in God mainly because God seems confined to the Middle East (she belongs to a Muslim family and therefore from the same Abrahamic religious background). When he created such a huge world, why did he restrict himself to be the God of just one people, the Israelites/(or Arabs in case of the Islamic belief) ? Why indeed?
The answer to that lies in verses 14 and 15. Abraham was a righteous man, one who loved God and obeyed him. God promised Abraham with many descendants and promised his people the land of Canaan. This was the old covenant. It was a promise that God made with his faithful servant Abraham. During the forty years that the Israelites grumbled and complained their way through the desert, God did not stop loving them or decide to annul the promise/cancel the covenant. For God's words never pass away, his promises are eternal. 

It is this hope and assurance that we still have, to this day. He has promised us an eternity in his kingdom, provided we repent and believe in his son Jesus Christ. Everyone can be a part of this promise, not just the Israelites and that is the beauty of the New Covenant. It is an inclusive covenant. All we need to do is to open up our hearts and let Christ come in.  


May we be encouraged and enabled by the Holy Spirit today, to take this Good News out into the world and to many hearts, amen.   

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