God will not Leave You until He Fulfills His Promises

Genesis 28

In this passage we read of Jacob's obedience and Esau's defiance. Jacob sets out to his uncle Laban's house to marry one of his daughters and on the way, he rests in the open one night, where God appears to him in a dream. Look at verse 15. Verse 15 is God's promise to Jacob. He promised to watch over Jacob and bring him back to the land that he was leaving then. The beauty of this promise is in the last statement where God promises not to leave Jacob until he has given the latter everything that he had been promised. 

As children we are taught to keep praying until we receive an answer, indeed Jesus taught us through the parable of the persistent widow to keep praying until there is an answer. Let's examine that teaching in the context of this verse. God promises to keep up with Jacob, to never leave him, until all the promises are fulfilled. Now we know that Jacob spent a long time at Laban's,working for him to earn the right to marry his daughter, and that he spent another seven years to marry the daughter of his liking. So, it took a fair while for the promises to be fulfilled. It is possible that Jacob may have thought they would be fulfilled in a very short time frame, after he had had the dream at . I know I would think so, if I were in his place. We often pray for deliverance of some form, expecting an almost instantaneous response from God. But God has his own time and will for each one of us. There was a divine purpose behind Jacob marrying Leah, behind Laban not marrying Rachel off to Jacob in the first instance. There was his holy will behind the long wait. 

But there was also his promise to not leave Jacob until the promise had been fulfilled. That promise of not leaving us until his promises to us have been fulfilled, holds good for each one of us too, if we would believe. The wait for a promise is when God is close to us, right there beside us, as he will not leave us until he has given us what he has promised us! 


Lord our Father, I thank you that you are with me when I wait for the answers to my prayers and that you will not leave me until you have fulfilled the promises to me, amen.  

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