God Is Observing You

Psalm 11

Verse 4 goes thus: "The Lord is in his heavenly temple
                                 The Lord is on his heavenly throne
                                 He observes everyone on earth
                                 His eyes examine them"

Have you felt your heart skip a beat when you realised your mum or dad was watching you steal the chocolate they had kept hidden? Have you felt tempted as a child to look into your neighbour's answer sheet but didn't because you knew the teacher was watching? The fear of a figure of authority watching your misdeeds kept you from doing them as a child. You realised what you were planning to do was not right, because why else would you fear being caught? You grew up knowing right from wrong. 

Now let's picture this. God sits on his heavenly throne in his heavenly temple and observes his creation. He watches us as we go about our lives, harbouring ill will, loving only those who belong to us, not spending time in prayer when we know we could definitely find more time for him...the list goes on. Does your heart skip a beat when you realise he is watching you do it all? And if it doesn't, what does that tell us about ourselves? Do you think your loving parents would have been glad to see you continue to steal the cookies/chocolate under their very nose because you understood they loved you unconditionally and wholeheartedly? Ofcourse it would hurt them. Ofcourse it hurts our heavenly father when we carry on sinning, taking his gift of salvation for granted. 

The Bible says "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". May we hold our heavenly father in the reverence he deserves; may we be ever mindful of his watchful eyes observing our every move, discerning our every thought. May this knowledge guide us to do only that which is pleasing in his sight. 


Father Lord, I am sorry for every time I have hurt you by doing the wrong things despite knowing that it was the wrong thing to do. Fill me with the grace of your Holy Spirit so he may guide me on to right path at all times, amen.  

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