God Enables Those He Calls

Galatians 1:11-24

Paul was called by God to do his work. He did not listen to someone's sermon or read Christian literature to accept Christ as his saviour. Christ revealed himself to Paul. What a glorious honour to be thus chosen by God! And what did Paul do? Verse 16 says that his immediate response was not to consult any human beings. He did not seek worldly wisdom, he immediately set out on his mission to preach to the gentiles. He did not say to himself " let me study Christianity and the gospel before i set out on this task". 

Paul had great faith in the God who called him. He knew that God would give him the abilities he needed to preach his word. He knew that the Holy Spirit would speak through him. He relied on God as opposed to human counsel. When we receive a strong calling from God, do we turn to our loved ones or church elders or the faith community itself for counsel? Or do we trust that the Lord who called us to do his work will go ahead of us and equip us with everything we need to complete our mission? 


Lord Jesus, help me to respond to my calling with the same zealousness and faith that Paul demonstrated in his life and ministry, amen.  

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