Following Christ

Romans 12:14-21

Let us have no illusions as to who this passage alludes to, and what the persecutions and the enemy alluded to in this passage are. It is addressed to believers of Jesus Christ. The persecution referred to is persecution at the hands of unbelievers on account of the believer's faith. It is the persecution inflicted on believers who stand for their faith in Christ, who hold on to the truth despite the many hardships they may have to face. The enemy is the enemy of the faith. It is the person who defiles the name of the Lord Almighty and who heaps curses on the believer who professes his faith boldly. 

Paul reminds us that we must not curse our persecutors, the enemy, but instead, we must bless them. Revenge is not ours to take. The Lord our God himself will avenge the enemy in his time. We are instead asked to live in harmony, to associate with everyone regardless of their social standing, to bother conceited. Being conceited is being excessively proud of oneself. In this world where we need to sell our skills and talents to make a mark, it is easy to fall into the rut and become conceited. The urge to talk about ourselves, our busy lives, our many accomplishments, our triumphs despite our many trials... All of this is very normal and we may probably think there is no harm in doing it. But there is. Whenever we give more importance to ourselves, our talents, our travails, our achievements, we are taking the glory away from our Lord who suffered far greater trials for our sake and who sustains us everyday!

The Lord Jesus Christ was so humble in his suffering. He was patient with his tormentors, with the enemy. It is his example we must follow, if we are indeed Christians. Let us learn to rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, shed the mantle of our self and wear the mantle of Christ. 


Lord Jesus, all glory be to you today and everyday. Thank you so much for your rejuvenating word that helps me come back to you each time I read from it, amen.  

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