Fear the Lord and Honour His Name

Malachi 4 

Let's look at verses 16 -18. They talk about the outcome for those who fear the Lord and honour his name. God says he will spare them who fear him and honour his name, as he has written them down on the scroll of remembrance. He says we will see the difference between the righteous and the unrighteous on that day. Yet, we live as if there is no judgement day. We live as though this world is all there is, to life. We live in fear of road accidents, deadly diseases and infections, of things that can spoil the quality of our lives or destroy them. 

Do we live in fear of things that can destroy our souls and cause our names not to be written on the scroll of remembrance? Do we even pause to consider the idea of eternity, the enormity of it and what it would mean to find ourselves on the "naughty list" so to say? At Christmas time we threaten our kids with no gifts from Santa if they are on the naughty list. How about us? How good, or how naughty are we? But God tells us that we are all naughty. And yet, he will spare those of us who honour his name, who believe in him, who obey his commands. 


What percentage of our daily lives do we live in adding to our physical comforts? And what percentage of it do we live in honouring God? 

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