Faith For More than My Needs

Romans 4:18-25

Abraham's faith is a role model for every Christian. He possessed and demonstrated faith in the face of impossibility (verse 19). His faith served as the channel to the path of salvation for many, long after he was gone. His faith formed the basis of the old and new covenants, the fulfillment of God's promise to him as a credit for his righteousness. Abraham demonstrated great faith for what could be perceived as a personal blessing (the gift of a son and descendants), but in reality his faith was a blessing for all mankind for generations to come. 

What are we trusting in God for, today? What is the thrust behind our prayers to him? What are we believing in him for? Is it just for personal blessings and deliverance, or is it for his honour and glory? Are we faced with an impossible dream for his kingdom work, and don't know how or where to start? Let us look to him in faith and trust that he will show us the way and fulfill his promises to us. 


Lord my Father, help me to grow in my faith of you and trust that you have my hand in yours as I walk down this path, amen.  

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