Faith and Grace for Salvation

Galatians 3:15-22

Here are the key points that become evident through reading this passage:

1. Nobody can receive the gift of salvation through obeying the law.
2. The law was established 430 years after God granted the promise to Abraham and his seed, Jesus Christ, so that people may be aware of their transgressions and sinfulness until such time as when Jesus Christ took human form.
3. The law does not thwart the promise or oppose it. It is a tool that aids the believer in their journey of faith, in determining how wayward they have become, how greatly they have sinned.
When I first began reading the epistles a few years ago, i could make no sense of what these and similar passages meant. It all seemed so confusing and contradictory ! Praise be to God that he gives us the wisdom and knowledge to fathom the mysteries in his word. Hallelujah to the King of kings who shines the light of understanding in our hearts. 

No act of ours can take us to heaven: not praying, not receiving the holy communion, not reading the Bible, not feeding the poor, not fasting... nothing can lead us to God, but love. The love that he has for us in calling us and in transforming us. In turn, we are to love him and his children. Where there is love, loving deeds will follow. But deeds done with no love and by a faithless heart will lead the soul nowhere to the narrow gate that leads to eternal life.  


Praise be to thee O God of all creation for blessing us with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and above all grace that exceeds all human understanding, amen.  

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