Enough Food for Five Thousand

John 6:1-15

This passage is about Jesus feeding 5000 men. It is a miracle that is reported in all four gospels, but it is only in the book of John that the boy is mentioned. I read this passage with my son yesterday and we reflected upon the moot point of the event. However, it then struck me that there are many other points that are noteworthy in this miracle. Let's look at each of them. 

1. The most important aspect of this miracle is that with God, nothing is impossible. He blessed and gave thanks to God and transformed 5 loaves and 2 fish into enough food for 5000 men. 

2. Jesus demonstrated wholesome love for the masses when he performed this miracle. He had already ministered to them by teaching them and healing the sick among them. Technically, if he had left them to go out into the villages like the disciples would have him do, that would have been just fine. He was not obliged to feed all those people. But in taking the initiative to feed them and not let them go back hungry, Jesus showed his love for the people.

3. It is an example of how we can produce much fruit if remain in the vine that is him. I was telling my boy yesterday that it was quite likely that there was more than 1 person there with some food. But when the disciples went around asking, only one boy showed the faith by telling them of the bread and fish he had. He did not keep quiet thinking that his food would not be enough to feed everyone gathered there. And because he showed that faith, he was a big part of Jesus' ministry that day. If he had held on to his food, Jesus would still have fed the people because he is God and there is nothing impossible with him. However, the boy got an opportunity to participate in God's ministry and he seized it. 


Lord Jesus, help me to recognize the various opportunities for witnessing your love and ministering to the world. Like the boy, help me to stay on the vine and become a fruitful branch, amen.  

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