Curb Your Tongue

James 3:1-12

It's a bright and beautiful day in Sydney, and I am glad to be back home. Thanking my Lord for travel mercies and for a blessed holiday with immediate and extended families. Speaking of holidays and extended families, today's passage which reflects on the evil that can be wrought by the tongue is such a good reminder for me to watch what I say when I am around dear ones, not all of whom may agree with everything I say. It is one of my greatest weaknesses that I get carried away and give in to gossip and slander every so often. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I feel that it's best I not meet anyone because the "Hi" soon changes to general talks and catching up, and before long I am neck deep in discussing something about someone who is not a part of that conversation... You get the drift no doubt. Most of these conversations are harmless, but as I am hardly perfect, I do commit plenty of sins with my tongue. 

James reminds us of just how capable the tongue is in terms of causing evil. He compares it to the tiny spark that can set a forest fire. He also draws out attention to another sin that we commit with the excessive use of our tongues, ie boasting. This passage reminds me of how sinful I am, and how much I need to give up on my sense of glory in myself, to become more like my Saviour!
The last couple of verses remind us of the impossibility of saying good things about our Lord and about his kingdom, while cursing our brothers and sisters using that same tongue. Yet, is this not what I am guilty of doing, oh so many times over??   


Lord Jesus, help me to curb my tongue, and not just my tongue, but my heart as well. Help me through your Holy Spirit, to think, feel and say only those things that truly honour you at all times, amen.  

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