Be Zealous for God

Galatians 4:12-20

Paul is perplexed with the behaviour of the Galatians. In an earlier chapter he called them foolish, but now he admits he is confused by their behaviour. They who had been very welcoming towards him at the height of his illness, who treated him almost as though he were Jesus Christ himself, who would have given him their eyes if they could - those very loving and believing Christians had been poached by the false teachers who were preaching false doctrines to them! They were zealous, but their zeal was not for the right things. 

Two points that I found to be particularly noteworthy are:
1. Verse 16 - the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. As Christians, are we guilty of harbouring animosity towards someone who tries to correct us/tell us we are headed on the wrong path?
2. Verse 18 - Paul says it's fine to be zealous provided one is zealous always and for the right cause. Am I lukewarm most days, aroused to God's ministry only when i hearing a cracking sermon sometimes? Am I zealous for God and his ministry or for various activities that are done under the umbrella of God's ministry but not really with a view to bringing him the glory and the honour? 


Lord Jesus, thank you for your blessed word and for the wisdom to understand it. Help me to abide in your word always, amen.  

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