Bartimaeus' Faith

Mark 10:46-52

This passage tells us about Bartimaeus and how he received the gift of sight. You know, although he was physically blind, this man had a sharper spiritual eyesight than many of Christ's followers past and present. Bartimaeus knew Jesus. He knew who Jesus was, He knew what Jesus could do for him. He had no doubts whatsoever. Verse 50 demonstrates just how much faith he had in Jesus' healing powers. He jumped up, threw his cloak aside and went to Jesus. He showed more agility than a person with perfect vision would. He knew it was his moment for being made whole, and he seized it. 

In verse 51 he clearly articulates his desire. There is no hemming or hawing or what if he can't or won't do it. Bartimaeus is the "ideal" sinner if there ever was one, in that he demonstrated great faith in Jesus Christ. Many a times, we claim to believe but we don't really. We are hedged in by the "knowledge" that comes from this world. Let us shed our cloaks of disbelief and worldly wisdom, and go to Jesus for healing and restoration.


Lord Jesus, help me to believe in you wholeheartedly like Bartimaeus did, amen.  

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