An Army Of Locusts!

Joel 2

As it is today, even in those days, people turned to God when everything else failed. When I read about the advance of the locusts, I could almost picture it in my mind. By itself, a single locust cannot cause significant harm. But this is a large army of locusts that are marching on with single minded dedication. They destroyed the crops ruthlessly. I was reminded of a scene from the movie Interstellar, where the last banana plantation in the world is destroyed by a blight. 

Most humans feel like they are in control of their lives, especially the atheists. Generally, we don't tend to reflect on the small stuff, the part that we refer to as the daily grind. We take it for granted that we will wake up at an appointed time each day and go about our duties. The people of Israel didn't give much thought to God and how He was helping them at every turn of their way. It took an army of locusts to turn them to God. God wanted them not merely to tear their clothes to show their repentance but to offer Him their broken hearts. 

God can see our hearts and read our thoughts. He knows it when we are truly contrite versus when we pretend. He wants us to turn to Him and to acknowledge Him in every step of our way. He does not want us to progress merrily without a thought about Him who saves us, only to be caught dead in the tracks by an army of locusts sweeping over our lives, and then turn to Him. No, He wants our constant love and He wants to have a personal relationship with each of us. 


Father Lord, we thank you for who you are, not just for what you do for us. Help us to acknowledge you and your grace in our lives always, not just during the storms in our lives, amen.  

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