A Spiritual Gift for Loved Ones

Romans 1:1-17

Verses 11 and 12 stood out among the others, as I read this passage. I was reminded of my recent trip to the homeland. How we prepared for it. The packing of bags, the buying of gifts, the anticipation, the anxiety, the excitement. Each house we went to, we handed over a small token/gift. In fact, in most cultures the world over, when you visit someone, especially for the first time, you take them a gift. Much thought goes behind these gifts. Someone may like perfumes, some others chocolates, some others books and so on and so forth.

Paul talks about taking a gift to the Romans when he visits them next, at the time of writing this epistle. The difference between Paul's gift to the Romans and mine to my loved ones, is that the former is spiritual in nature. How wonderful it would be if visited each other and imparted spiritual gifts to each other. "Oh, I think she is feeling low in spirits, I must offer to say a prayer with her", or "He has had such success in his latest venture, I must make it a point to rejoice with him". How different the world would be if we gave each other spiritual gifts all the time. An insight into a scripture portion that strikes us as noteworthy, a heartfelt prayer, a new song of praise to God, forgiveness, love...

In contrast, we spend our times together silently gauging each other, looking for changes in physical appearance, asking about each others lives which eventually leads to some sort of gossip or the building up of jealousy or animosity. How amazing would it be if we spent our time in rejoicing for each other, glorifying God, sharing to each other from the word of God, departing with a prayer for each others welfare?

It may seem a bit outlandish or extreme for some; but think of how much better the world would be, and how well we could witness to our Lord if we all did this, every time we visited a fellow brother or sister in Christ!


Lord Jesus, thank you for showing me a new way to live and love my brothers and sisters in you, amen.

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